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Isaac Farin Featured in Blood Sweat & Cheers

Published April 23rd, 2014 by Admin

From getting overly upset at the Starbuck's guy who got your name wrong again, to cursing off slow walkers, the truth is we could all probably use a little therapy. And if long runs and wine coolers aren't doing it for you, we found a new coping mechanism you can hop aboard: Longboard Therapy®

After rediscovering his childhood skateboarding hobby, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Isaac Farin started treating clients while riding skateboards.

And he says it works.

Essentially an elongated skateboard, learning how to longboard is a challenging exercise. Focusing on that, helps people leave behind negative thoughts, anxiety or whatever else may be troubling them.

"I started viewing the longboard as a metaphor for being in the moment and facing your fears," Farin says.

Farin uses longboard therapy® —which consists of indoor seated sessions and outdoor longboard rides—to treat grief, depression, phobias, family problems, work transitional issues and more.

Sure, you can't roll away from all of your problems.

But at least you'll leave those slow walkers in the dust!

Read the full article here: http://www.bloodsweatandcheers.com/national-cheer/2479-longboard-therapy