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Lectures And Groups

Dr. Isaac Farin is currently giving a lecture titled, Performance Anxiety in Sports and the Mindful Solution

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Dr. Isaac Farin is currently giving lectures on the topic of, Mindfulness Self-Care

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Solution Informed Mindfulness Group for Positive Change

Solution Informed Mindfulness is a combination of Ericksonian therapy and solution focused, strength-based therapy approaches with the incorporation of mindfulness and meditation.

This is a great group for anyone who wants to manage stress, accomplish goals, find new solutions to existing challenges, or achieve change.

Participants in this group will have an opportunity to:

  • Set solution-focused goals that will help them reduce feelings of anxiety and worry, thereby increasing their sense of comfort and confidence.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of Mindfulness and how it can be used to generate contentment and create change.
  • Learn a variety of techniques, including Mindfulness breathing and present moment awareness practices.
  • Engage in self- hypnosis, which can used to create automatic and unconscious change.

Group therapy gives participants a chance to learn, connect, and explore new possibilities in a safe and collaborative environment. The Solution Informed Mindfulness group will offer participants new skills and techniques that they can implement in their day-to-day lives. Participants can expect to be part of an engaging and dynamic group that will give them opportunities to reduce their anxiety, stress, and worry and increase their feelings of comfort, confidence, and contentment.

Please contact Dr. Isaac Farin for group availability and for any inquiries.