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Yoga is an ancient practice where science meets philosophy. Originating in India around the year 2,500 B.C., yoga deals with the mind (mental), body (physical, moral) and soul (spiritual). Yoga is more than an exercise class. Its popularity has lasted the test of time due to these facts.

Yoga, which literally translates to “to unite” or “to yoke”, is the process of uniting the mind, body and soul and becoming one with our Creator (God, Allah, The Universe, The Higher Self, etc.).

Overall, the goal is to end suffering, to end the fluctuations of the mind, to have liberation.

In participating in yoga you will taste and see what Heaven on Earth is. In keeping a regular practice you will begin to transform your life and the life of others around you. Furthermore, in doing yoga you will find a healthy way of maneuvering through a current difficulty and you will be better prepared for the unforeseen tough times that lay ahead.

Classes occur in our yoga suite that is dedicated to your private or semi-private yoga journey. Come dressed in comfortable, non-revealing, loose exercise-like clothing. It is recommended that you should be well hydrated several hours prior to your session and arrive on an empty stomach (do not eat two hours before your scheduled appointment).

It is important to note that NO experience or prior knowledge of yoga is necessary in order to schedule a session. Come as you are and just as you’re feeling in the moment (go from feeling down to picked up)! While yoga is beneficial for all of the life span, it is suggested that one should be between the ages of 4-104 (if active).

Yoga sessions range in time, variety of style(s), and in emphasis of mind, body and/or soul. Please see Suzie Hennessy’s page for more information on this.

Regardless of which type of yoga session you decide to have, after each session you will feel more relaxed; you will have a sense of accomplishment and inspiration.

Whether this service is intended to compliment a current treatment plan, to learn something new, or to help better oneself, do not hesitate to schedule your first session today!