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Sports Therapy

Sports therapy involves working with athletes who are currently in sports or who would like to be in sports. Therapy is focused on enhancing the awareness of mind and body in sports. It also involves a focus on sports enhancement and achievement of individual goals. Solution-Informed Mindfulness is just one way to work within this scope as the importance of being in the present moment while in sports and remembering the times when athlete has done well keeps things in a positive perspective. For example, in football, a quarterback must be able to get over the fact that he just threw an interception. And if he is unable to because of anxiety, fear of failure, or loss of confidence, this may lead to more personal and team failures.

The goals of hypnosis in sports are as follows:

  • Increase physical control
  • Increase mental concentration
  • Manage pressure in competing

Increasing physical control: Amplifying the mind/body relationship so you can push your body to the limit of your talents.

Increasing mental concentration: Narrowing your attention and focus (intense) to the task at hand.

Managing pressure in competing: Building positive expectations and positive communication with yourself through self-hypnosis and enhancing your performance.

Overall, sports therapy is about amplifying the talent the athlete has and helping the athlete gain access to as much of the talent as possible.