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Longboard Therapy®

longboardA longboard is a different variation of a skateboard. It is used for cruising, exercising, transporting, racing, and riding long distances.

If you have ever gone skating, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding or have done any other action-oriented sports, you may have found yourself experiencing an invigorating type of "high.

If you have ever gone skating, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or done any other action sports, you may have found yourself experiencing an invigorating type of "high." In longboarding we call this high being "st

Dr. Isaac Farin, LMFT  developed the concept of "Longboard Therapy®". In therapy, people search for healing while hoping to discover solutions for change. Dr. Isaac Farin believes that this feeling of being "stoked" is one of those solutions because it has healing properties within—specially while entering the flow.


Dr. Isaac Farin works with clients from his Solution-Informed Mindfulness Therapy (SIMT) perspective to create change. In "Longboard Therapy®", he incorporates the following ideas:

  • Encouraging the use of both conscious and unconscious awareness to promote healing and change.
  • Using the Mindfulness/Meditation perspective to promote present-moment awareness, concentration, acceptance, and "letting go".
  • Using longboarding to increase physical control, balance, flow, focus, mental concentration, and confidence as well as challenge oneself while developing oneness.

"Longboard Therapy®" will:

  • Help you discover solutions and possibilities to challenges that may arise.
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and anger.
  • Cultivate present-moment awareness and concentration.
  •  Increase happiness, independence, and confidence.
  • Help you achieve your life and exercise goals. 

A "Longboard Therapy®" session begins with one to two sessions in Isaac's office followed by outdoor sessions in which Isaac and the client both participate in longboarding activities. Longboard head gear and padding will be provided at each session. Clients will be asked to sign an appropriate waiver form.

Dr. Isaac Farin fosters an ongoing relationship with Jonathan Strauss who is the founder of the Skate International Distance Skateboarding Association (IDSA). The IDSA recognizes Longboard Therapy® as a sanctioned event. All Longboard Therapy® clients hold a membership with the IDSA. The IDSA offers great opportunities to travel around the world while participating in skateboarding events. Please visit the following website http://www.theidsa.org/

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