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"Where Solutions Are Discovered!" At Isaac Farin Therapy LLC., we provide a collaborative environment in which clients can freely and safely explore new possibilities for their lives. When you arrive, you can expect to be warmly greeted and accommodated in an atmosphere where you can comfortably discover the solutions you seek. LEARN MORE


Specializing in: family therapy, couples therapy, hypnotherapy, solution informed mindfulness therapy, longboard therapy®, depression management, substance abuse, stress and anxiety management, relational therapy, yoga, life coaching, mindfulness and meditation therapy, collaborative therapy, grief and loss, loss from suicide, pain management, sports therapy, spiritual and holistic approaches to treatment, solution focused brief therapy, solution oriented therapy, single session therapy (SST), and Ericksonian therapy. Dr. Isaac Farin is the developer of Longboard Therapy® and currently working on the development of Solution Informed Mindfulness Therapy (SIMT). LEARN MORE

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Satisfied patients

  • Eight months ago, before I started seeing Dr Farin, I was quite literally ready to hurl myself off a bridge. I was lonely, lethargic, stressed out, and ready to end it all as soon as possible; less than a year later I've learned to love myself, alleviate my anxiety, and savor every moment in which I am lucky enough to be alive in this beautiful, mysterious, and complex ...

  • I have had the opportunity to meet other psychologists during my childhood and I know the wonderful work they do. Today, years later, I am having the help of Adriana. In a short period of time, I was able to see how human, caring and professional she is. Now I know that everything is cyclical, and that we are able to control our mind and attitude during this walk ...

  • Adriana,

    Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda! Siento que aprendi muchas cosas importantes para mi felicidad individual al igual que como pareja. Aprendi que todos somos personas diferentes con diferentes gustos, virtudes, y defectos. Que cada uno tiene una diferente manera de amar y expectativas de como recibir amor. Tambien que hay que estar en paz con uno mismo para poder amar, y hacer cosas que te ...

  • After a break up, I felt that I needed therapy. In 6 months of sessions with Adriana I have learned that: If you have no challenges, your life is not moving and you are not growing. Nothing is happening. This week I felt like I wanted to celebrate my challenges. I want to celebrate the stress of my life. Thank God I have things to be stressed about. Things that ...

  • Adriana is an angel on Earth. When you leave her office you feel that there's hope, that you will get through, and that you will overcome any obstacle in your way. She gives you motivation, and inspiration to turn your life around. Our family is blessed to have her in our lives.

  • Dr. Isaac, it's been quite some time! We have quite a bit of news to share, we're pregnant, about 5 months this Friday; she'll be here sometime in January! We are extremely grateful for everything you put into helping us and I hope we can continue to call you friend & therapist in our future as a family :)
  • Concrete Wave aims to give people a vastly different perspective on skateboarding. Some years ago we learned of Isaac Farin's unique approach to using longboards as therapeutic tools; Longboard Therapy. We all know the special power that skateboarding has in our lives and we hope you are inspired by Isaac's work.
  • Adriana,

    Gracias a Dios por ponerte en nuestro camino, porque pudiste ayudarme a amar a mi esposo sin miedo, a conectarnos y a ser uno. A saber que callar no es de débiles y a aprender a conocer mis limites. A que no puedo cambiar a nadie mas que a mi, pero que al hacerlo todo cambiara para mejor.

  • Isaac-
    Thank you for our sessions. I feel a greater sense of purpose and happiness in my life. My relationships are stronger and I am more healthy in both my mind and body. A special thanks for guiding and believing in me during this journey of my first published book. I hope you enjoy your copy.

  • Dear Isaac,

    This is a note of thanks for giving me hope and a person who did not judge me and who made me feel good about myself- which is not often easy to do.

  • After a devastating loss I found myself feeling completely out of tune. I specifically sought Isaac Farin's longboard therapy because I wanted an unconventional method to find my balance. I've had a profound change in my well-being since I began therapy. Not only did I learn how to ride a longboard, I also gained the tools to lead a more mindful life. Implementing mindful meditation and a ...

  • Adriana cuenta con una extensa experiencia y gran preparacion. Adriana inspira mucha confianza y tranquilidad. Gracias a ella me he encontrado a mi misma, he recuperado una relación positiva con mis hijos y he salvado mi matrimonio. No tengo palabras para agradecerle por todo lo que ha ayudado a mi y a mi familia. Considero a Adriana como mi mejor consejera y una amiga. ¡De verdad gracias ...
  • Dr. Isaac, we wanted to thank you for the help you gave us with our marriage. Things have been doing good Thank God! We were really stagnated and you helped us restart. We will be forever thankful! Thank you soo much!!! :)

  • Adriana,
    ¡Poder recibir terapia con usted para mi es como un milagro! ¡Muchas gracias!
  • At the losses of my business and my divorce, I felt despair and hopelessness. Depression took over my life completely for 12 months. I was restless with anxiety / panic attacks. I thought about seeking help and at about 3:00 am one morning I googled psychotherapist and found Dr. Isaac Farin's web page and made an appointment to see him ...

  • I have been dealing with my anxiety disorder for 5 years. Isaac's solution in dealing with this has been great as he has given me helpful tools. I believe that practicing what I am learning during our sessions will continue to change my life in a positive manner. His mindfulness approach has been wonderful ever since I began to realize that I am in the driver's seat of ...

  • Adriana, si mi esposo y yo no hubiéramos venido aquí, no estuviéramos juntos ahora.  Cuando llegamos a la terapia ambos queríamos separarnos. No porque no nos queríamos sino porque no sabíamos cómo salir de nuestro círculo vicioso. Ahora nos tenemos más paciencia y nos entendemos mejor. Ya no nos juzgamos tanto ...

  • Isaac Farin is an extremely talented, thoughtful therapist. He utilizes solution-oriented approaches to assist his clients in exploring their strengths and resources to address the challenges in their lives. In addition, Isaac utilizes Ericksonian strategies including mindfulness and hypnosis. He is extremely collaborative and creative in his work with clients, supervisees and peers. Isaac is extremely professional and ethical. He is honest and respectful in his practice with clients ...

  • My Fiancé and I went to Isaac Farin Therapy LLC. for pre-marital classes and I have to say what Isaac did for us MAY have saved our relationship/marriage. He took the time to not only get to know us, but to listen to each of our issues in a non-bias way. Within a few months we were able to resolve our differences. Speaking from firsthand experience, go ...

  • Estimada Adriana,
    Gracias a usted, he crescido como madre y ahora puedo ver el cambio en mis hijos. Mi hijo estaba muy rebelde y con la terapia pude entender lo que yo estaba haciendo mal y corregirlo. Ahora juego más con el y lo entiendo mejor. Con usted he aprendido ha ponerme en el lugar de los demás. Desde que vengo aqui estoy má...
  • We started our court referred family therapy in 2012, and going into it I didn't think it was going to make a difference in the way my children's father and I got along and worked together as co- parents. We are both different in our mind sets and outlooks on life and how it should be to parent our children. By the end of our sessions working with ...

  • When my grandson (11 years old) and Isaac met for the first time, it was so cool. He related to Isaac right away. Thank you Isaac for teaching and giving my grandson the tools on how to live life in a more happy way while helping him develop a higher self-esteem.

  • Adriana,
    Cada vez que salgo de aquí, tengo una nueva visión de las cosas y eso me motiva!
  • After my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a recurrence, she started seeing a therapist but was not satisfied with her and then we were fortunate to have found Isaac Farin. At that time my wife was very depressed and emotionally devastated due to the recurrence, given that the cancer had originally been detected at an early stage. I remember not having much hope that she would ...

  • My boyfriend and I began having issues that we couldn’t seem to resolve on our own. We decided to seek professional help and were fortunate enough to find Isaac. I can sincerely say that if it weren’t for his help, we probably wouldn’t still be together today. He was able to help us find the tools within ourselves to open up to one ...

  • Adriana,
    Hace tiempo que terminamos la terapia de pareja contigo y aún seguimos usando las herramientas que aprendimos de ti. Muchas gracias también por ayudarnos con nuestro hijo. Después de sus sesiones contigo, ha estado más sonriente y sociable.
  • First when I heard I was going to see a new therapist I didn't want to go because I was already exposed to 3 different therapists and found them all boring and I didn't get much out of it. As soon as Isaac asked me to do long board therapy I knew it was going to be fun. Isaac has done a lot for me and we both ...

  • Mr. Farin, today we are celebrating our 32 yrs. of being married. Thank you for helping us with our marriage!

  • Adriana,
    Thank you for helping me understanding my mother. Thanks to my therapy with you I feel closer to her. Now I am also able to understand other women in my life as well.
  • Isaac, I wanted to thank you for giving me the "green light" to pursue my feelings :) He's the one! You're so wonderful at what you do and I appreciate our discussions! Thank you!

  • Dear Adriana,
    Thank you so much for your help! I feel more maturity in my marital relationship, more trust, patience, and more awareness of the importance of peace.
  • Dear Isaac, time just flew by and a lot has happened. Thank you for your spiritual approach to therapy. A New Earth, Moses Code, and the Monk who Sold His Ferrari! Thank you for helping me cope with the separation from my dog. And most of all your realistic approach to smoking cessation the loudest lesson yet. Thank you for being my therapist!

  • Mr. Farin, I am lucky to be a patient at your practice. We are performing wonders in my life. I am changing gradually from how I was accustomed to thinking! May God bless you and thank you!

  • Adriana,
    ¡Qué suerte tengo de haberte conocido! ¡Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda! Es invaluable la información que recibí de ti.

  • Isaac, I could remember surfing the Internet and comparing who I was going to do my EAP sessions with and then I was brought to your site. When I called you, I don't know how to put my hand around it, but the energy in your voice was different. Of course, I didn't know what to expect due to the fact that I have never received therapy ...

  • Dear Isaac, You can't imagine how grateful I am to have you as a therapist. You have helped me so much to understand myself and the guilt feelings that I have. I am happy that you came into my life. Thank you so much!

  • Adriana,
    Cuando hablo contigo entiendo mejor las cosas que pasan a mi alrededor y me siento aliviada. ¡Además eres muy espiritual y eso me encanta! ¡Eres la única terapista en quien confío para llevar a mi hijo!
  • I wanted to let you know that I am blessed to have you come into our lives. You are an incredibly talented, passionate, and skilled therapist. I want to thank you for helping us to repair our marriage and move to a new dimension. It has been enlightening, cleansing and very much needed. We really appreciate you Isaac more than we could express in words. Thank you for the ...

  • I've been unsuccessfully trying to quit smoking cigarettes for the past 10 years. I've tried the patch, the gum, laser light therapy, self help books, cold turkey, and everything failed. I felt absolutely hopeless about quitting and even referred to myself as "a lifer" when others around me would ask about my intentions to quit. As a desperate effort, I began to do research on success ...

  • Adriana,
    Me encanta las conclusiones que haces de las cosas que comparto en la terapia. Me gusta mucho poder hablar con alguien en quien confío y poder abrirme. Me siento mucho más comunicativo después de venir aquí. Muchas gracias!
  • Isaac is a cool therapist. We share things in common, like different kinds of sports. I can always count on him to lesson me and help me see things in a positive way. He introduced me to longboarding therapy . Isaac is a genius, he taught me how life and longboarding fit together. Isaac has respect for me and my family.

  • I am an Orthodox Jewish woman who has studied and observed Torah for many years. My experience in working with Isaac has given me the tools to enable me to integrate all the Torah knowledge I have acquired into "practical application" in my life, on a daily basis. I highly recommend his approach and expertise to anyone seeking a more balanced and less stressful life. I personally ...

  • Adriana,
    Hace poco fue mi aniversario de boda. No lo hubiéramos podido conmemorar si no hubiera sido por tu ayuda. Eres increíble!
  • Isaac is a sensitive and highly skilled therapist, with a remarkable ability to get results in a brief period of time. His combination of brief therapy and mindfulness skills is unique. He is able to be non judgmental while joining with clients from all different walks of life. Isaac is passionate and dedicated to his job and the marriage and family therapy field.

  • Adriana,
    Gracias a la terapia mi esposo se siente mas cómodo conmigo, yo lo escucho más, hay más confianza entre nosotros, compartimos más tiempo juntos, somos más tolerantes uno con el otro, hablamos más, nos hemos conocido mejor, hemos aprendido a respetar nuestros diferentes puntos de vista y a usar el sentido del humor.
  • As Isaac's doctor and friend I feel compelled to write about Isaac's positive outlook to healing. While rehabilitating a dislocated shoulder for 10 months over the past year, I learned a lot about Isaac's positive outlook and determination to get well. His mind frame was consistent even though there were minor setbacks at different times but he never gave up. On a personal note, Isaac has been ...

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