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Single Session Therapy (SST)

Single Session Therapy (SST)

Single session therapy (SST) is an ideal alternative to the present traditional forms of psychotherapy. Many individuals, couples and families avoid getting the help they need due to barriers such as time constraints, stigmatization and a concern for costs.

SST ideally limits the therapeutic process to a single encounter with the therapist. In single session therapy, the session is considered by both therapist and client to be a complete treatment in itself however if clients would like to return in the future they are welcome to do so. The process entails the therapist and clients working together to identify the main issue and then delineating concrete steps that the client can pursue to resolve their presenting problem. Although this concept is unconventional it nevertheless has been proven to be quite effective.

The main goal of SST is to empower people by giving them the tools to help themselves.

Dr. Melissa Schacter has been researching and practicing this form of brief therapy for an extensive amount of time throughout her doctoral studies in Marriage and Family therapy. She was awarded a grant from Nova Southeastern University in 2015 to set up a nonprofit clinic specializing in walk -n single session therapy. In addition to running the grant project, she provided training in this type of modality.

SST can be of benefit to anyone- it can be particularly useful for clients who might have particular reservations about the traditional and extended forms of psychotherapy, and/or those who feel that just want to bounce some ideas off a non biased third party mental health professional.

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